Bunting from books: cheap but cute wedding decor


wedding bunting20140619-094334-35014552.jpg


Last night I got my crafty head on and decided to cut up my fiance’s worn out Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy book (with his permission) so I could make some cute bunting for our wedding.

Since we’re going for the rustic look and want to inject our personalities into the reception decor, this is absolutely perfect.

To make your own, cut a heart shape from cardboard and use this as a template. When you’ve found an old book, tear out two pages at a time, draw around your template then cut around it. You’ll have two hearts of exactly the same size – one heart needs to be glued under the string and the other heart on top. This way the string will be hidden between the hearts. Make sure all the hearts you stick on the string are the same width apart (I used the width of my hand to measure) et voila!

And the best part is, this cost me next to nothing to make!



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