Glitter DIY wedding decorations

Glittery wooden ‘Mr & Mrs’ wedding decoration

Glitter DIY wedding decorations

Mr & Mrs glitter DIY weddings

Despite going for the rustic theme at our wedding next summer, I’ve decided that I’d like at least one piece of the decorations to be eye-catching. So, after a recent trip to my nearest Country Baskets store (I love that place!), I devoted one Sunday afternoon to customising one of their plain, wooden bunting-style ‘Mr & Mrs’ signs with a lot of glue and a few sprinkles of glitter from another of my current fave shops, Fred Aldous.

Now I have a shiny, spangly sign to hang at the top table, advertising our new marital status! Yay!

Top tips:

• Make sure you cover your table with old newspaper or magazine pages so you don’t damage the surface with glue

• To avoid wastage, pour any excess glitter on the newspaper back into the pot

• Lightly spritz the letters with hairspray to stop glitter falling off when you come to moving the sign after the glue has dried
DIY wedding makes


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