My rustic handmade wedding invites


As it’s now 2015, the year of our wedding (arrrrrgh!), I thought I’d better get a move on and send out our invites for the big day.

Being a designer/ general crafty person, paying someone else to produce them has always been out of the question. So after much traipsing around art shops and experimenting with various types of paper, I finally decided on the above design and I love it!

I bought the purple flowers from WH Smith and threaded garden twine from Paperchase through them then tied ‘the knot’. The holes we’re made with a heart shaped hole puncher from Fred Aldous and the brown card was from there too.

For the inner pages, I printed on some lovely rustic A5 paper from Paperchase and glued them in the spaces between the heart shaped holes, adding a spare heart from the hole puncher for a bit of texture.

They’re pretty easy to put together but believe me, after you’ve made 20 in one evening you’re going to sleep well.



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