Finishing Touches

So the big day has been and gone. It was a huge success (phew)! but I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t glad it’s all over. The planning completely took over and stressed me out rather a lot but I’d have been ashamed of myself if I hadn’t put my creativity to good use.

I scrapped the idea of carrying faux flower bouquets and spent money on real ones from Abracadabra florists in Sedbergh but they looked amazing.

I also decided to make the groomsmen wear pheasant feathers with cute paper flowers in their button holes – much prettier than the big purple roses I had made a few months before.

Big thank you to Blackbird Pantry who made us a batch of their delicious spiced tomato chutney with personalised labels. They went down a treat in the food hampers and were the perfect accompaniment to the fresh crusty bread loaves baked by Nina at local bakery, The Three Hares.

For dessert, everyone made their way downstairs to Suzan’s ice cream cart, where they filled their bowls with the award winning Howgill Fellside Ice-cream and an array of sprinkles and other sweet treats.

A big thank you to all our suppliers!

Here are some of the finishing touches. I’ll post photos from the day shortly.


The lads’ buttonieres – with real pheasant feathers


Chutney for the food hampers


Homemade labels for the feta-stuffed peppers


Groomsmen goodie bags


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