Sole Dependent

Being pregnant means my body is going through a lot of changes right now. Phrases like ‘Braxton Hicks’, ‘Vbac’ and the ‘linea nigra’ are starting to become part of my daily vocabulary after 34 years of having never heard of such things.

There are many ailments associated with pregnancy. I managed to get through the first trimester without experiencing any nausea or sickness whatsoever, much to the envy of other mums-to-be who spent weeks with their heads down the loo, poor things. However, my time to suffer had to come along sooner or later.

One of the things I’ve been struggling with the most over the past few weeks is Sciatica. Again, I’d never even heard of it until about a month ago and now it affects me every single night, with intense pain running from my lower back and down to my legs. I try everything to soothe it; wrestle with pregnancy pillow, throw it on the floor, prop myself up with cushions instead, give up on those, stand up and stretch, get back in bed, get out again, go to the bathroom and lie awake for the remainder of the early hours. The only place I feel vaguely comfortable is on the sofa now.

A contributing factor to some of this pain, apart from the obvious growing pressure on my pelvic region, is possibly the shoes I’ve been wearing. We’ve had a bit of (very welcome) warm weather here in the UK recently so shoes with padded soles have been ditched in favour of flat sandals, offering no support for my expanding pregnancy tootsies.


Cue a package in the post from Souls, who specialise in designing and manufacturing insoles for expectant mums. They really couldn’t have arrived at a better time. It was the weekend and my hubby and I had decided to visit the stunning Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Watergardens. Knowing there’d be a fair bit of walking involved (although I didn’t know quite how much) I slipped the leather soles into my pumps.


My feet were met with instant comfort, thanks to the smooth leather finish, air cushioning and strong arch support. My first few steps were noticeably more springy than without the insoles so I was all set for a day of pregnant rambling (being pulled up hills by the hubby as I was getting out of breath ridiculously easily).


Fast forward 4 hours and my feet were still feeling good. We’d trudged down steep slopes in woodland and clambered over ruins of the old Cistercian monastery and yet I remained undefeated.

As far as I’m aware, my foot size hasn’t increased yet but with 4 more months of being pregnant to go, this could all change. Thankfully I’ll have these trusty insoles ready and waiting to slip into any pair of shoes I’ll be needing!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now I must go and pack them into my suitcase as I’m heading over to Menorca early in the morning. Please note that my Etsy shop will now be closed for business until Monday 19th June.

Hasta luego!



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