About Me

Well hello there. My name is Ellie and I’m engaged to be married, which of course translates as ‘Holy sh*it, I’m tying the knot! That means all my spare time (and a lot of my not-so-spare time) is now focused on making sure I have THE MOST PERFECT WEDDING DAY IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF WEDDINGS!’

However, there’s just one snag: my fiance and I are not exactly flush when it comes to our finances and nor are our families, but then these days, not many people are – there has been / still is a recession after all. But I refuse to let this ruin my big day and therefore I’m going to make as much as I can (apart from the dress, I’m no good with a sewing machine) in an effort to save as much money as possible.

So I’ll be posting pics of all my latest findings and crafty creations with hints and tips so that you can do the same too.

Let’s show the world that being a rich bitch is boring and that being a brassic bride can so much more fun!


Brassic bride


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