Finishing Touches

So the big day has been and gone. It was a huge success (phew)! but I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t glad it’s all over. The planning completely took over and stressed me out rather a lot but I’d have been ashamed of myself if I hadn’t put my creativity to good use.

I scrapped the idea of carrying faux flower bouquets and spent money on real ones from Abracadabra florists in Sedbergh but they looked amazing.

I also decided to make the groomsmen wear pheasant feathers with cute paper flowers in their button holes – much prettier than the big purple roses I had made a few months before.

Big thank you to Blackbird Pantry who made us a batch of their delicious spiced tomato chutney with personalised labels. They went down a treat in the food hampers and were the perfect accompaniment to the fresh crusty bread loaves baked by Nina at local bakery, The Three Hares.

For dessert, everyone made their way downstairs to Suzan’s ice cream cart, where they filled their bowls with the award winning Howgill Fellside Ice-cream and an array of sprinkles and other sweet treats.

A big thank you to all our suppliers!

Here are some of the finishing touches. I’ll post photos from the day shortly.


The lads’ buttonieres – with real pheasant feathers


Chutney for the food hampers


Homemade labels for the feta-stuffed peppers


Groomsmen goodie bags


Booking lovely wedding decor


I’ve decided to play on my hubby-to-be’s love of books and decorate the display table at the reception with some of his old (vintage?) books. 

I’ve already made paper butterflies and bunting from pages of an old Spike Milligan book (which contains strong language) so we’re good to go. 

The new chapter starts in just over 8 weeks! Arrrrgh! 

I saw the sign…

We’ve been looking for a decent rustic-style wooden board with some kind of wedding-appropriate quote on for a while now but nothing had grabbed us… until a couple of days ago! I spotted this beauty in Homesense for £25 and although it’s a little cheesy I just had to have it. 

It’ll look great propped up against the entrance to our wedding reception or next to one of the display tables. 


Purple reign: my latest DIY wedding projects

Finally the overall look and feel of our wedding reception is starting to take shape, thanks to my latest purple purchases and ‘crafternoons’ of hard graft!

Here are some of my latest buys and makes:  

 Who needs mega-expensive real flowers when you can fake it for less and display your creative side? Plus this won’t wilt or die the next day!

  I love the purple gingham napkin and vintage luggage tag. Perfect for our picnic reception.


Beautiful fabric bunting. Set me back £40 for three 10meter rolls but they’ll last for years. 


Rustic buttonhole flowers for the groomsmen. 

  Rustic bouquets for the two big bridesmaids (the two little ones will be carrying baskets filled with confetti).

My rustic handmade wedding invites


As it’s now 2015, the year of our wedding (arrrrrgh!), I thought I’d better get a move on and send out our invites for the big day.

Being a designer/ general crafty person, paying someone else to produce them has always been out of the question. So after much traipsing around art shops and experimenting with various types of paper, I finally decided on the above design and I love it!

I bought the purple flowers from WH Smith and threaded garden twine from Paperchase through them then tied ‘the knot’. The holes we’re made with a heart shaped hole puncher from Fred Aldous and the brown card was from there too.

For the inner pages, I printed on some lovely rustic A5 paper from Paperchase and glued them in the spaces between the heart shaped holes, adding a spare heart from the hole puncher for a bit of texture.

They’re pretty easy to put together but believe me, after you’ve made 20 in one evening you’re going to sleep well.