A day to remember…

…except that I don’t remember it all that well…

I’m still being sent photos and thinking ‘I have absolutely no recollection of posing for this’ – and most of said photos were taken before we’d got to the reception. It’s all such a blur!

However the bits I do remember were great fun and it was amazing to see my vision come to life. Guests got stuck into the fresh bread, paté and artisan cheeses from the picnic hampers and helped themselves to the hog roast, dressed salmon and salads. It was a very laid-back affair, exactly what we were aiming for.

I vaguely remember the first dance. We attempted some choreographed silliness to The Smiths’ This Charming Man which mainly consisted of me flamenco dancing (in bare feet – my shoes killed me) around Gavin. I still can’t bring myself to watch the video.

Anyway, here are a few of the day’s snaps, in no particular order. I’ll post more soon.





















Photos courtesy of Momenterry and Firgrove photography


Purple reign: my latest DIY wedding projects

Finally the overall look and feel of our wedding reception is starting to take shape, thanks to my latest purple purchases and ‘crafternoons’ of hard graft!

Here are some of my latest buys and makes:  

 Who needs mega-expensive real flowers when you can fake it for less and display your creative side? Plus this won’t wilt or die the next day!

  I love the purple gingham napkin and vintage luggage tag. Perfect for our picnic reception.


Beautiful fabric bunting. Set me back £40 for three 10meter rolls but they’ll last for years. 


Rustic buttonhole flowers for the groomsmen. 

  Rustic bouquets for the two big bridesmaids (the two little ones will be carrying baskets filled with confetti).

Rustic table numbers

rustic table numbers

On my last trip to Country Baskets, I bought a pack of different sized pieces of wood. I didn’t have any ideas in mind when I made this purchase, all I knew is I wanted wood to feature in my rustic, countryside wedding reception.

After numerous browsing sessions on Pinterest, I decided that using the wood to display the table numbers would be PERFECT!

I then bought a pack of metallic permanent marker pens and drew the numbers on, making sure they don’t look too styled. Rustic’s all about being down to earth and real, after all.

I can’t wait to rest the numbers against a good bottle of wine, or the picnic hampers which will be in the middle of each table.

Glitter DIY wedding decorations

Glittery wooden ‘Mr & Mrs’ wedding decoration

Glitter DIY wedding decorations

Mr & Mrs glitter DIY weddings

Despite going for the rustic theme at our wedding next summer, I’ve decided that I’d like at least one piece of the decorations to be eye-catching. So, after a recent trip to my nearest Country Baskets store (I love that place!), I devoted one Sunday afternoon to customising one of their plain, wooden bunting-style ‘Mr & Mrs’ signs with a lot of glue and a few sprinkles of glitter from another of my current fave shops, Fred Aldous.

Now I have a shiny, spangly sign to hang at the top table, advertising our new marital status! Yay!

Top tips:

• Make sure you cover your table with old newspaper or magazine pages so you don’t damage the surface with glue

• To avoid wastage, pour any excess glitter on the newspaper back into the pot

• Lightly spritz the letters with hairspray to stop glitter falling off when you come to moving the sign after the glue has dried
DIY wedding makes

Burlap flower vases: easy wedding DIY


If you’re planning a rustic wedding and fancy yourself as a DIY bride, like moi, then these burlap vases are a must-make!

They’ll look really cute on the tables at your reception, filled with fab floral delights or even twigs.

And they’re so easy to put together. All you need is:

• A few sheets of burlap 99p for two, theworks.co.uk

• Stick-on burlap flowers £1.99 for pack of four, theworks.co.uk

• Strong glue

• Garden twine

• Glass jars (washed, with labels peeled off)

Cut a length of burlap sheet and glue it around the middle of the jar. Once dry, take a flower and stick it to the burlap, making sure the burlap sheet’s join is on the opposite side.

Cut a length of twine and wrap around the neck of the jar a few times and then tie into a bow above the flower. Et voila! That’s really all there is to it!

Thinking of having a go yourself? Send me a photo of your rustic wedding creations and I’ll get them posted here on the blog!

Picnic wedding reception: yay or nay?

wedding picnic picnic weddings


A friend of mine recently told me about a wedding reception she’d been to, where instead of the usual yawny, three course, sit-down meal, each table featured a large basket containing crusty bread, pork pies, cheese, butter, potatoes, ham, a selection of mustard, chutney, jam etc and a couple of bottles of wine. What an awesome idea!

Now, my fiance actually really likes this idea and it would tie in perfectly with our rustic wedding theme, as we’re getting married in a very typically British village. But the big question is: will it work out any cheaper than the sit-down option after we’ve had to buy all the ingredients and the baskets?

Luckily, the wedding is still over a year away so I have plenty of time to research, but if you or someone you know have had a picnic wedding reception, do get in touch and let me know how successful it was and whether or not you had to break the bank.

In the meantime, I shall keep browsing pretty picnic photos on Pinterest *sigh*.