It’s Wedding Season!

Save The Dates

It might be bucketing it down with rain here in the UK (no change there, then) but it’s officially wedding season! Hurray!

I feel incredibly honoured to be asked to create Save The Date cards and wedding invites for our friends, Mille and Calum, who are tying the knot in just under 12 month’s time. Their Save The Dates have just been sent out to their prospective guests and I’m now in the process of crafting their invites.

The happy couple opted for a clean, white style with oh-so-now fonts and white ribbon embellishments – something a bit different for me as I’m usually a rustic, brown-card-and-garden-twine kinda girl but there’s nothing wrong with diversifying!

If you’re planning a wedding and want to incorporate some handmade touches into your big day, get in touch with me and we can discuss your requirements. I can also create pretty ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?‘ cards if you’re looking to pop that question to your besties soon.

Or perhaps you’re attending a wedding this summer and simply want a unique, handcrafted card to give to the bride and groom. Have a browse around my Etsy shop and see if anything takes your fancy. I’m also open to commissioned work so if there’s an idea floating around in your mind, tell me about it and I’ll see what I can do!

A customer in the USA recently got in touch with me via my shop to see if I’d be able to hand-punch two small boxes of wedding confetti made from the pages of 2 vintage Jane Austen novels; Northanger Abbey and Persuasion with baby pink and purple accents. I love helping brides-to-be with their with their wedding preparations so I jumped at the opportunity. Susannah was so pleased with the results, she left a lovely review on my Etsy page, which was really heartwarming.








Rustic table numbers

rustic table numbers

On my last trip to Country Baskets, I bought a pack of different sized pieces of wood. I didn’t have any ideas in mind when I made this purchase, all I knew is I wanted wood to feature in my rustic, countryside wedding reception.

After numerous browsing sessions on Pinterest, I decided that using the wood to display the table numbers would be PERFECT!

I then bought a pack of metallic permanent marker pens and drew the numbers on, making sure they don’t look too styled. Rustic’s all about being down to earth and real, after all.

I can’t wait to rest the numbers against a good bottle of wine, or the picnic hampers which will be in the middle of each table.

Picnic wedding reception: yay or nay?

wedding picnic picnic weddings


A friend of mine recently told me about a wedding reception she’d been to, where instead of the usual yawny, three course, sit-down meal, each table featured a large basket containing crusty bread, pork pies, cheese, butter, potatoes, ham, a selection of mustard, chutney, jam etc and a couple of bottles of wine. What an awesome idea!

Now, my fiance actually really likes this idea and it would tie in perfectly with our rustic wedding theme, as we’re getting married in a very typically British village. But the big question is: will it work out any cheaper than the sit-down option after we’ve had to buy all the ingredients and the baskets?

Luckily, the wedding is still over a year away so I have plenty of time to research, but if you or someone you know have had a picnic wedding reception, do get in touch and let me know how successful it was and whether or not you had to break the bank.

In the meantime, I shall keep browsing pretty picnic photos on Pinterest *sigh*.

The wedding scrapbook: a must for brides on a budget


It might sound like something you did at nursery but cutting and sticking is a great way of collating ideas for the big day. Of course, apps like Pinterest and Loverly offer fast and handy mood boards but personally, I think all brides-to-be should have something real, something physical, which they can cherish for years to come.

I bought a lovely wedding scrapbook from Paperchase a couple of months ago and it’s kept me busy for hours. Every wedding magazine I buy gets cut to pieces and my scrapbook gets filled with all the dresses, table decoration ideas, colour schemes and favour ideas that catch my eye. And the best part is I really enjoy doing it. Tis a new hobby!

It’s interesting to see how my initial ideas have evolved. At first, I was aiming for a cheesy, rock n roll themed wedding reception, but as you turn the pages of the scrapbook, it has somehow morphed into more of a rustic, vintage theme, which my fiancé and I agree is more suitable for our countryside wedding.

If you haven’t got a scrapbook yet, go get one now – it’s wedding inspiration you can not only hold, touch and smell, there’s no need for a password and you can keep it forever!

Bunting from books: cheap but cute wedding decor


wedding bunting20140619-094334-35014552.jpg


Last night I got my crafty head on and decided to cut up my fiance’s worn out Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy book (with his permission) so I could make some cute bunting for our wedding.

Since we’re going for the rustic look and want to inject our personalities into the reception decor, this is absolutely perfect.

To make your own, cut a heart shape from cardboard and use this as a template. When you’ve found an old book, tear out two pages at a time, draw around your template then cut around it. You’ll have two hearts of exactly the same size – one heart needs to be glued under the string and the other heart on top. This way the string will be hidden between the hearts. Make sure all the hearts you stick on the string are the same width apart (I used the width of my hand to measure) et voila!

And the best part is, this cost me next to nothing to make!


wedding countdown

The countdown begins

Our wedding isn’t til 22nd August, 2015 but it’s never too early to start counting down! The sooner you get your arse into gear and decide on your wedding and reception venues, the better, especially if you’re planning on having a summer wedding as venues get booked up quickly. So far, we’re pencilled in with the church but still waiting for a reply from the reception venue.

Make or buy yourself a little chalk board like this one and hang it somewhere in your home where both you and your hubs-to-be will see it every day. That way, you’ll always be aware that the big day is looming and focussed on saving up!

There are also a number of free iPhone apps which will display the countdown to your big day, right down to the seconds left to go! Arrrrrgh!

wedding countdown