It’s Wedding Season!

Save The Dates

It might be bucketing it down with rain here in the UK (no change there, then) but it’s officially wedding season! Hurray!

I feel incredibly honoured to be asked to create Save The Date cards and wedding invites for our friends, Mille and Calum, who are tying the knot in just under 12 month’s time. Their Save The Dates have just been sent out to their prospective guests and I’m now in the process of crafting their invites.

The happy couple opted for a clean, white style with oh-so-now fonts and white ribbon embellishments – something a bit different for me as I’m usually a rustic, brown-card-and-garden-twine kinda girl but there’s nothing wrong with diversifying!

If you’re planning a wedding and want to incorporate some handmade touches into your big day, get in touch with me and we can discuss your requirements. I can also create pretty ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?‘ cards if you’re looking to pop that question to your besties soon.

Or perhaps you’re attending a wedding this summer and simply want a unique, handcrafted card to give to the bride and groom. Have a browse around my Etsy shop and see if anything takes your fancy. I’m also open to commissioned work so if there’s an idea floating around in your mind, tell me about it and I’ll see what I can do!

A customer in the USA recently got in touch with me via my shop to see if I’d be able to hand-punch two small boxes of wedding confetti made from the pages of 2 vintage Jane Austen novels; Northanger Abbey and Persuasion with baby pink and purple accents. I love helping brides-to-be with their with their wedding preparations so I jumped at the opportunity. Susannah was so pleased with the results, she left a lovely review on my Etsy page, which was really heartwarming.







Glitter DIY wedding decorations

Glittery wooden ‘Mr & Mrs’ wedding decoration

Glitter DIY wedding decorations

Mr & Mrs glitter DIY weddings

Despite going for the rustic theme at our wedding next summer, I’ve decided that I’d like at least one piece of the decorations to be eye-catching. So, after a recent trip to my nearest Country Baskets store (I love that place!), I devoted one Sunday afternoon to customising one of their plain, wooden bunting-style ‘Mr & Mrs’ signs with a lot of glue and a few sprinkles of glitter from another of my current fave shops, Fred Aldous.

Now I have a shiny, spangly sign to hang at the top table, advertising our new marital status! Yay!

Top tips:

• Make sure you cover your table with old newspaper or magazine pages so you don’t damage the surface with glue

• To avoid wastage, pour any excess glitter on the newspaper back into the pot

• Lightly spritz the letters with hairspray to stop glitter falling off when you come to moving the sign after the glue has dried
DIY wedding makes

Rustic hearts

I’ve just been to the home section in Primark and found some lovely – and very cheap – rustic decorations which will be perfect for our countryside wedding reception!

Here’s one of their hanging hearts, a snip at just £1.50. Once I know how many tables we’ll be having, I’m going to buy one for each of them and fill them with purple tea lights.